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AU Technical Analysis Report

Kalkine's AU Technical Analysis report provides technical-driven insights on trending sectors in Australia covering stocks typically with a market capitalization of over AUD 100mn.

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AU Technical Analysis Report

Kalkine’s Technical Analysis Report for Australia’s Equity Segment

What Should be an Appropriate Stock Picking Strategy? Should one Buy Now or Wait for Better Results or Lower Valuation Levels? These are some of the questions looming in the mind of prudent investors!

(Introducing our new technical analysis report)

Kalkine Pty Limited’s ‘Technical Analysis Report’ provides technical analysis-driven research product for the Australian equity segment. This product is designed post considering sufficient risk appetite and financial flexibility, who typically seek opportunities for a short timespan (2-4 weeks). This report generally aims to cover ASX Listed Stocks with more than AUD 100 Million market capitalization, while few exceptions can be considered depending upon the technical analysis.

Which Factors Influence the Stock Price Movements?

Selecting stocks is a challenging task amid highly volatile financial market environment. The stock market movements depend on the sentiments of the market participants and the two prominent emotions include greed and fear. Evolving fundamentals and macroeconomic factors such as GDP growth, socio-political stability, inflation, currency, and interest rate changes, etc. also influence the stock prices. Technical analysis is one of the two main schools of market analysis used to assess the price direction based on an identifiable price-pattern that repeats. 

Over the past one-year, ASX All Ordinaries Index (.AORD) yielded a return of 0.57%, and on a YTD basis a return of 0.78% (till November 24, 2020, from Refinitiv). Therefore, investors should consider monitoring the price trends. Kalkine’s technical analysis report prepared after deep-research and backtesting by a team of qualified technical experts engaged in quantitative research might be helpful in such a case!

Considering the above, Kalkine’s Technical Analysis Report Offers Below Key Features: 

  • Technical Research: This report is purely based on a technical analysis using parameters including price action, trends, support, and resistances, candlestick patterns, volumes, relative strength index (RSI), simple moving averages (SMA), etc.
  • Swing Trading Opportunity: By virtue of seizing short to medium-term price movements in a stock, swing trading sometimes provides an edge over fundamental analysis as investors may not be required to hold stocks for long duration to generate desirable returns.
  • Benefit from the Leading Sectors: Kalkine recommends ASX-listed stocks from the leading sectors including FinTech, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Real Estate, E-Commerce, etc. to gain from trending themes.
  • Focus on Volume Trending Stocks: Stocks that are trading with trending volume (typically >5,00,000 average daily volumes) are generally more liquid and help in trade execution. Kalkine focuses on stocks with above-average volume, which may have the potential for momentum.
  • Better Risk-Reward Scenario: Risk-Reward ratio represents the prospective reward an investor may achieve for risks undertaken. Investors can weigh their decisions in the light of an appropriate entry-level, target prices, and a pre-defined stop loss. 

Few ASX-Listed Stocks’ that Witnessed Rally in a Short Timespan

Some of the ASX listed stocks that have recently witnessed a sharp rally in a short time span include Dubber Corp Ltd. (ASX: DUB) and Lynas Corporation Ltd. (ASX: LYC) as depicted in below charts. DUB which is a leading service provider of cloud-based call recording and voice AI, rallied ~34% in two weeks of time frame after taking the support of an upward trendline. The movement was also supported by increase in volumes along with the 21-period SMA trend.

Lynas Corporation Ltd. (ASX: LYC) is engaged in the extraction and processing of rare earth minerals, primarily in Australia and Malaysia. The stock yielded a return of ~29% after reflecting a symmetrical triangle breakout pattern which build-up the momentum towards the upside in two weeks. The price movement was also supported by technical indicators such as RSI (14-Period), 21-period SMA, and higher volumes.

Data Source: Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters, Analysis by Kalkine Group

How does Kalkine’s Technical Analysis Report Help?

Kalkine’s Technical Analysis reports are easy to comprehend with insights for potential themes. This report aims to cover stocks after an overall assessment of the global indices, taking cues from the major international news and events impacting the market sentiments and analyzing the Australian benchmark ‘ASX All Ordinaries Index (.AORD)’ technically.

It must be noted that investment recommendations provided under this product are solely based on technical parameters, and fundamental performance of the stocks have not been considered in the decision-making process. Key risks which could impact the stock prices include market risks, regulatory risks, interest rates risks, currency risks, and socio-political risks etc.

Note: Trading decisions require a thorough analysis by investors. Technical reports in general chart out metrics that may be assessed by investors before any stock evaluation. The above are illustrative analytical factors used for evaluating the stocks; other parameters can be looked at along with additional risks per se. Past performance is neither an indicator nor a guarantee of future performance.


Key Reasons to consider

Sectors and Extensive Indicators

The report features trending themes such as renewable energy, real estate, healthcare, etc., using an array of tools such as volumes, price action, resistance and support levels, etc.

Liquidity Stocks

Stocks with sufficient liquidity are being covered.

A Swing Trading Window

The product provides an opportunity around technically moving stocks with conviction that may have the potential in short time frame.

Stock Covered

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Which sector this product covers?

The report caters to stocks listed in ASX, covering trending sectors such as Healthcare, Technology, Fintech, Real Estate, etc

What is the time frame of these technical indicators?

The technical indicators are meant to be looked at within 2-4 weeks timespan. An extension of further 2 weeks can be considered for selective stocks with potential

AU Technical Analysis Report

AU Technical Analysis Report

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