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Healthcare Report

The Healthcare Report includes companies in the business of providing medical services, manufacturing drugs, producing medical devices, supplying medical insurance services, or any other company otherwise enabling patient care in medical-related products or services

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    04 Dec 2019

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Healthcare Report

  • The companies that have the potential to perform in short to long term are considered.
  • Broader industry dynamics are taken under consideration to provide a long-term outlook.
  • Certain risk factors such as regulatory concerns, market fluctuations, and other company specific risks are analyzed carefully.
  • Appropriate valuation methodology is applied to provide a holistic view on the company.
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Key Reasons to consider

Detailed Techincal Analysis

Detailed technical analysis of the stocks is undertaken to improve the entry timing and price.Defensive Stocks

Defensive Stocks

Health care stocks are a defensive play in an environment of rising interest rates and economic uncertainty

Demographics and an ageing population

Older populations are expected to spend more on health care as their bodies mature, and medical care is required to maintain their well-being.

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Small-cap companies are riskier than large-cap companies, as they can offer better returns over the long-term. Still, they do not have the resources of large-cap companies, making them more susceptible to bearish sentiments.

What are the specific risks associated with this Product?

Any adverse movement in the foreign exchange price may impact the company's financial performance. Also, these products are exposed to risks associated with COVID-19, which might disrupt supply and impact the company's sales.

What is the frequency of the Kalkine Healthcare Report?

Kalkine healthcare report is generated every week.

Healthcare Report

Healthcare Report

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