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GROkal® (Kalkine Growth Report)

Kalkine’s ‘GROkal® (Kalkine Growth Report)’ focuses on stocks in Australia with focus on financial strength, health, and outlook. The report considers expected and historical earnings, sales, and cash flow to reveal stocks with long-term and sustainable growth

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    08 Nov 2016

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GROkal®  (Kalkine Growth Report)

  • For Growth stocks, Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE), and Earnings per share (EPS) are taken into account and are measured based on the company’s market capitalisation.
  • To qualify for growth stock, the company must possess a history of consistent earnings growth.
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Key Reasons to consider

Fundamental Analysis

The report considers companies with stable financial fundamentals, including earnings, operating margins, and cash flow etc.

Utilisation of technical tools

The report draws the analysis based on technical indicators such as simple moving averages, candlestick patterns, relative strength index, etc.

Stable Stocks

High-quality stocks with attractive yields, stable ROE, and prudent management are preferred.

Stock Covered

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What is the sense on P/E multiple while analysing stocks?

Higher P/E multiple over the industry median represent overvalued stocks that are beneficial for profit booking and lower multiple reflects undervalued stock that signals buy scenarios.

What are cyclicals in stock market?

Cyclicals in the market follows the economy through expansion, recession, and recovery.

What are the advantages of growth stocks?

Growth stocks offer a stable returns and stocks covered have the potential to hold for long-term.

GROkal®  (Kalkine Growth Report)

GROkal® (Kalkine Growth Report)

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