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Kalkine Resources Report

The outcry of crude oil rally provides a cover during the market mayhem when it is clouded with uncertainties. Kalkine's Resources report provides twin benefits with investments in energy sector and Australia's core mining & metal sector.

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    02 Feb 2014

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Kalkine Resources Report

  • The Resource Report focuses on the ASX-listed Companies in mining space, oil & gas production, and energy equipment services.
  • Growing demand for renewable energy sources may provide long-term opportunities. 
  • It has also been observed that with a sharp rally in crude oil price (due to supply shortage and spurt in demand), energy stocks usually get benefited during the market meltdown.
  • Meticulous stock selection with recurring revenue model and adequate liquidity backing the expansion plans are targeted.
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Key Reasons to consider

Diversified Portfolio

This report provides a diverse selection of stocks encompassing refineries, oil & gas exploration companies, diversified metals, etc.

Resilient Performance

The resources sector can be more resilient given the sheer size of Australian mining exports relative to global size.

Renowned Investments

Energy and resources can be considered as matured industries, therefore stocks from these industries might have attributes such as stable revenue generation and predictable cash flows.

Stock Covered

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What specific sectors are covered in this product?

Kalkine Resources Report covers a banquet of stocks encompassing refineries, oil & gas exploration companies, and diversified metals & mining.

What qualitative parameters this report considers?

The product provides an elusive opportunity to participate in young companies with ambitious growth plans for drilling and resources estimate. Matured companies are evaluated from cash flow generation perspective and stable earnings.

Kalkine Resources Report

Kalkine Resources Report

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