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Dividends Paid

Breakdown 2023-06-30 2022-06-30 2021-06-30 2020-06-30 2019-06-30
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2023-06-30 2022-06-30 2021-06-30 2020-06-30 2019-06-30
Income before tax 247.00M 258.80M 177.70M 36.60M 216.60M
Minority interest - - - - -
Net income 184.80M 184.70M 135.80M 239.90M 161.20M
Selling general administrative 265.00M 258.10M 265.80M 357.30M 394.30M
Selling and marketing expenses 247.20M 233.10M 201.50M 213.90M 233.60M
Gross profit 799.80M 772.80M 674.20M 653.50M 877.40M
Reconciled depreciation 123.00M 117.90M 120.20M 125.50M 132.90M
Ebit 280.20M 276.30M 200.20M 74.30M 256.40M
Ebitda 403.20M 394.20M 320.40M 199.80M 389.30M
Depreciation and amortization 123.00M 117.90M 120.20M 125.50M 132.90M
Non operating income net other - - - - -
Operating income 320.50M 285.50M 249.10M 223.30M 256.40M
Other operating expenses 2985.60M 2828.90M 2396.20M 2342.30M 4652.10M
Interest expense 33.20M 17.50M 22.50M 37.70M 39.80M
Tax provision 62.20M 71.70M 48.00M 9.00M 36.60M
Interest income 46.90M 0.60M 0.20M 47.20M 38.70M
Net interest income -47.50000M -26.70000M -22.30000M -37.70000M -39.40000M
Extraordinary items 0.00000M -2.40000M 6.10M 212.30M 44.70M
Non recurring - - - - -
Other items - - - - -
Income tax expense 62.20M 71.70M 48.00M 9.00M 55.40M
Total revenue 4291.30M 4090.80M 3538.00M 3566.20M 4768.70M
Total operating expenses 635.20M 609.10M 587.50M 696.70M 760.80M
Cost of revenue 3491.50M 3318.00M 2863.80M 2912.70M 3891.30M
Total other income expense net 6.90M 3.90M 3.60M 4.80M -39.80000M
Discontinued operations - -2.40000M 6.10M 212.30M 44.70M
Net income from continuing ops 184.80M 187.10M 129.70M 27.60M 161.20M
Net income applicable to common shares 184.80M 184.70M 135.80M 239.90M 161.20M
Preferred stock and other adjustments - - - - -
Breakdown 2023-06-30 2022-06-30 2021-06-30 2020-06-30 2019-06-30
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2023-06-30 2022-06-30 2021-06-30 2020-06-30 2019-06-30
Total assets 2801.80M 2708.80M 2324.60M 2500.00M 3918.20M
Intangible assets 46.50M 51.80M 56.50M 54.80M 81.80M
Earning assets - - - - -
Other current assets 7.00M 6.90M 9.30M 9.10M 13.50M
Total liab 2001.60M 1977.10M 1556.00M 1468.00M 2273.70M
Total stockholder equity 800.20M 731.70M 768.60M 1032.00M 1644.50M
Deferred long term liab - 23.80M 17.70M 22.00M 31.40M
Other current liab 637.90M 561.40M 441.60M 380.80M 445.40M
Common stock -38.80000M -37.30000M 80.80M 333.60M 484.10M
Capital stock -38.80000M -37.30000M 80.80M 333.60M 484.10M
Retained earnings 671.50M 630.10M 580.20M 559.20M 995.70M
Other liab - 33.40M 41.40M 22.90M 153.80M
Good will 393.60M 381.40M 354.70M 381.00M 532.90M
Other assets 116.80M 109.00M 104.60M 119.60M 91.80M
Cash 58.40M 52.60M 50.60M 107.30M 70.30M
Cash and equivalents 0.00000M 0.10M 6.30M 22.80M 0.10M
Total current liabilities 1084.90M 1122.30M 806.30M 817.10M 1160.60M
Current deferred revenue -204.20000M -84.70000M -48.00000M -50.80000M -
Net debt 1001.60M 853.50M 705.70M 571.50M 890.00M
Short term debt 204.20M 84.70M 48.00M 50.80M 1.00M
Short long term debt 150.00M 35.00M - - 0.10M
Short long term debt total 1060.00M 906.10M 756.30M 678.80M 960.30M
Other stockholder equity -671.50000M -630.10000M -707.60000M -892.60000M 164.70M
Property plant equipment 987.20M 858.90M 828.00M 889.00M 1765.50M
Total current assets 1257.70M 1307.70M 980.80M 1055.60M 1446.20M
Long term investments - - - - -
Net tangible assets - 298.50M 357.40M 596.20M 1029.80M
Short term investments - - - - -
Net receivables 517.40M 561.80M 498.40M 460.50M 674.40M
Long term debt 682.40M 646.60M 503.40M 399.20M 959.00M
Inventory 639.10M 650.80M 399.10M 412.90M 642.00M
Accounts payable 447.00M 560.90M 364.70M 436.30M 714.20M
Total permanent equity - - - - -
Noncontrolling interest in consolidated entity - - - - -
Temporary equity redeemable noncontrolling interests - - - - -
Accumulated other comprehensive income 167.50M 138.90M 107.60M 139.20M 164.70M
Additional paid in capital - - - - -
Common stock total equity - - - 333.60M 484.10M
Preferred stock total equity - - - - -
Retained earnings total equity - - - - -
Treasury stock - - -46.60000M -1.60000M -3.90000M
Accumulated amortization - - - - -
Non currrent assets other 95.50M 91.80M 77.90M 105.00M 91.80M
Deferred long term asset charges - - - - -
Non current assets total 1544.10M 1401.10M 1343.80M 1444.40M 2472.00M
Capital lease obligations 227.60M 224.50M 252.90M 279.60M 1.30M
Long term debt total 855.80M 821.40M 708.30M 628.00M 959.30M
Breakdown 2023-06-30 2022-06-30 2021-06-30 2020-06-30 2019-06-30
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2023-06-30 2022-06-30 2021-06-30 2020-06-30 2019-06-30
Investments -183.90000M -99.90000M -36.50000M 1474.50M -331.80000M
Change to liabilities 0.00000M 220.60M 12.00M -115.30000M -36.90000M
Total cashflows from investing activities -183.90000M -99.90000M -36.50000M 1474.50M -331.80000M
Net borrowings - 100.80M 82.90M -686.80000M 175.20M
Total cash from financing activities -65.60000M -155.80000M -286.20000M -1453.60000M 13.40M
Change to operating activities - -18.40000M -7.30000M -45.20000M -29.50000M
Net income 184.80M 184.70M 135.80M 238.90M 161.20M
Change in cash 5.80M 2.00M -56.70000M 37.00M -17.30000M
Begin period cash flow 52.60M 50.60M 107.30M 70.30M 87.60M
End period cash flow 58.40M 52.60M 50.60M 107.30M 70.30M
Total cash from operating activities 250.30M 257.60M 270.60M 17.70M 297.90M
Issuance of capital stock - - 1.00M 8.00M 5.40M
Depreciation 141.50M 132.50M 112.90M 116.00M 132.90M
Other cashflows from investing activities 5.80M -7.70000M 22.50M 1650.00M 2.50M
Dividends paid -143.40000M -134.80000M -113.00000M -606.60000M 156.70M
Change to inventory 8.10M -239.20000M -17.90000M -23.10000M -39.40000M
Change to account receivables 58.40M -52.70000M -81.50000M 20.90M 14.90M
Sale purchase of stock -4.50000M -109.00000M -257.10000M -168.20000M -10.50000M
Other cashflows from financing activities 82.30M 88.00M 1116.70M 1871.00M 2533.60M
Change to netincome - 44.70M 109.30M -112.50000M 94.70M
Capital expenditures 189.70M 92.20M 57.10M 167.50M 190.20M
Change receivables - - - - -
Cash flows other operating - - - - -
Exchange rate changes - - - - -
Cash and cash equivalents changes - - - - -
Change in working capital 66.50M -291.90000M -99.40000M -2.20000M -185.60000M
Stock based compensation 5.40M 5.70M 0.90M 4.60M -
Other non cash items -76.00000M -59.60000M 21.90M -337.20000M -294.10000M
Free cash flow 60.60M 165.40M 213.50M -149.80000M 107.70M


  • Previous Close 2.14
  • Market Cap2915.40M
  • Volume2896768
  • P/E Ratio15.50
  • Dividend Yield4.61%
  • EBITDA442.90M
  • Revenue TTM4165.90M
  • Revenue Per Share TTM4.32
  • Gross Profit TTM 4291.30M
  • Diluted EPS TTM0.14

Peer Comparison

Sector: Consumer Cyclical Industry: Packaging & Containers

Company Change (AUD) Price (AUD) Trailing PE (x) Forward PE (x) Price Sales TTM (x) Price to Book Value (x) Enterprise Value to Revenue (x) Enterprise Value to EBITDA (x)
Orora Ltd
0.005 0.23% 2.15 15.50 15.34 0.70 1.43 1.18 11.80
Amcor PLC
-0.03 0.20% 15.03 22.38 13.39 1.44 3.29 2.22 17.81
Pact Group Holdings Ltd
0.002 0.24% 0.84 - 5.34 0.15 0.63 0.67 9.73
Pro Pac Packaging Ltd
-0.005 2.70% 0.18 - - 0.11 0.28 0.27 7.11
Secos Group Ltd
-0.001 2.78% 0.04 - 64.94 1.06 1.16 1.00 -3.321

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Orora Limited designs, manufactures, and supplies packaging products and services to the grocery, fast moving consumer goods, and industrial markets in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and internationally. The company operates through Orora Australasia and Orora North America segments. It also provides glass bottles, aluminum cans, tabs, and ends, closures and caps, boxes and cartons, point-of-purchase displays, packaging equipment, rigid and flexible packaging, and general packaging materials and supplies. In addition, the company purchases, warehouses, sells, and delivers a range of packaging and related materials; sells equipment; manufactures corrugated sheets and boxes; and provides point of purchase retail display solutions and other visual communication services. Further, the company offers printing and signage, research and technology, product sourcing, automation and engineering, design, kitting and fulfilment, logistics, and digital technology services. The company was incorporated in 1949 and is headquartered in Hawthorn, Australia.

Orora Ltd

109-133 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, VIC, Australia, 3122

Key Executives

Name Title Year Born
Mr. Brian Phillip Lowe M.B.A., MBA CEO, MD & Director NA
Mr. Shaun C. Hughes B.A., B.Com. Chief Financial Officer NA
Grant Warner Gen. Mang. of Treasury & Investor Relations NA
Ms. Ann L. Stubbings B.A., BA/LLB, L.L.B., MAICD Chief People, Sustainability & Governance Officer, Company Sec. and Group Gen. Counsel NA
Rhianna Fursdon Gen. Mang. of Corp. Affairs NA
Mr. Matthew Wilson B.Com., L.L.B. Chief Strategy & Corp. Devel. Officer NA
Mr. Frank Pennisi B.S., M.S. Pres of Orora Packaging Solutions NA
Mr. Brian Phillip Lowe M.B.A. CEO, MD & Director NA
Grant Warner General Manager of Treasury & Investor Relations NA
Ms. Ann L. Stubbings B.A., BA/LLB, L.L.B., MAICD Chief People, Sustainability & Governance Officer, Company Secretary and Group General Counsel NA

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