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With investment for medium-to-long-term, we cover stocks in diversified sectors that are undervalued and may have the potential for value generation alongside providing shareholder returns in the form of dividends, and or buy backs.

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We look at companies that are trading at discounts relative to our assessment of their intrinsic values. We use fundamental analysis to establish their values. We do a detailed strategic assessment of the industry dynamics with the objective of identifying those companies with the greatest long term sustainable advantage. Securities are next classified according to their ability to generate returns on capital. Valuations are focused on company cash flow and are tested under a range of scenarios. Implicit within the valuation step is the identification of key drivers of revenue, margins, returns and macroeconomics sensitivities. After extensive research on the company’s fundamentals, financial, and technical aspects, the stock has been considered with a long-term holistic view.

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Key Reasons to consider

Dividend History

Stocks with dividend history tend to provide an additional cushion apart from capital appreciation, in the form of periodical income distribution. Thus, it, helps in preserving the purchasing power of invested capital, among other factors.


This report caters to diverse set of stocks across industries, as per fundamental screening criterias.

Defensive Play

The defensive sectors considered in this report tends to reduce market volatility. Besides, dividend yield, if any, may provide for relatively stable performance across economic cycles.

Stock Covered

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What are the top metrics for evaluating stocks under this report?

KALIN features resilient stocks that are fundamentally backed with a proven business model and the ability to generate steady cashflows. The report considers revenue growth, profitability margins, and debt-to-equity ratios, besides other financial metrics.

What is the mix of the portfolio under this product?

This product considers stocks in matured businesses and has stable fundamentals. It also includes stocks that are paying dividends to shareholders.



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