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Earnings Hunter Report

The Earnings Hunter report brings attractive stocks with a sound earnings track record based on a unique score-based model.

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Earnings Hunter Report

Kalkine’s Earnings Hunter Report

Kalkine’s Earnings Hunter Report enlightens the general philosophy of safeguarding investors’ interests with insights on stocks typically having proven track record of earnings performance and strong potential. With rising inflation and volatile commodities and crude oil prices, investors generally look for fundamentally strong stocks that can wade off the market turmoil.

Given this backdrop, and to make the process robust, Kalkine has developed a unique scoring-based model to identify attractive opportunities around stocks. The stock selection methodology is built on the premise that stocks with sound earnings track record typically tend to sustain during the market downturn and may perform well during market uptrend. The key earnings metrics and our research methodology has been defined as below:

Source: Analysis by Kalkine Group

Metrics, as defined in general:

Dividend Yield: Consistent dividends reflect the commitment of the company’s management in rewarding shareholders. It persuades investors’ confidence.

Cash flow Yield: Investors are attracted towards companies with strong cash flow generation. Stocks with high free cash flow generation are self-sufficient to fund capex, pay debt obligations, and reward shareholders via dividends and share buybacks.

Return on Equity (ROE): Higher ROE reflects the company’s ability to utilize capital to generate profits. Stocks with a higher ROE provide a hedge against rising inflation. A prudent business model, control over fixed overheads, and degree of leverage are some of the contributing factors.

EBITDA Margin: Stocks with an integrated value-chain and sound investment in procurement and distribution command a higher operational efficiency. EBITDA is a cash flow proxy as stocks with consistent EBITDA generation are typically cash rich stocks.

Revenue Growth: The ability to increase scalability reflects the company’s commitment to enhance its market share. Prudent strategies in asset expansion, new manufacturing facilities, and product launch result in top-line growth which directly impacts the earnings of any company.

Asset Turnover Ratio: A quick cash conversion reflects a lean operating model and provides consistent cash flows. Stocks with higher asset turnover divulge investments in fixed assets and the ability to generate revenues from assets it deployed.

Net Debt/EBITDA Ratio: Higher earnings negate the degree of financial leverage. Stocks with a higher coverage ratio command a lower cost of capital and better credit ratings.

To summarize, Kalkine’s ‘Earnings Hunter’ Report aims to provide actionable insights on stocks in mid-cap to large-cap space based on the above key earning metrics. The report aims to analyse stocks based on earnings potential and provide an ‘Attractive’, ‘Unattractive’, or ‘Neutral’ stance on the stocks based on Earnings Hunter Score.

Key Reasons to consider

Hedge against downturn

With rising crude prices and global inflation, the report might capture stocks with an ability to drive through the market meltdown.

Quality Investments

The report gives an opportunity to get fundamental insights on stocks with a track record of decent earnings vis-à-vis peers and/or historical performance.

Diverse Parameters

The unique scoring model covers a broad range of parameters with weights.

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What fundamental aspects have been looked at under this model?

The product assigns scores based on dividend yield, revenue growth, EBITDA margin, asset turnover, RoE, leverage ratio, and cash flow yield.

Is the report feature small-cap stocks?

The report provides a recommendation for stocks from mid and large-cap space that has a consistent earnings track record.

What is the value proposition offered in this product?

Unlike other products, The Earnings Hunter provides the attractiveness of a stock solely based on fundamental characteristics with varying weights.

Earnings Hunter Report

Earnings Hunter Report

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