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Stocks Under 20 Cents Report

Kalkine’ ‘Stocks Under 20 Cents’ Report covers stocks in Australia with market capitalisation as high as AUD 300mn. The report is intended for individuals with high-risk appetite.

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    31 Jul 2020

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Stocks Under 20 Cents Report

  • Stocks Under 20 Cents covers stocks that offers good value in businesses aided by prudent business model and future growth prospects.
  • The product features small-cap companies (particularly, in the micro-or nano-cap environment) which may be at the nascent stage of operations that may have the potential for multi-facet growth in the future.
  • The report features SWOT analysis covering financial health, growth potential, etc. Stocks are analysed based on technical indicators such as resistance strength index, simple moving average, etc.

Key Reasons to consider

Business Model

The report consists of small-capitalization companies that may have niche business model and assets that can contribute to opportunities in the medium-to-long term.

Financial & Fundamental Analysis

Stocks covered may not have a profit generation history. Emphasis in the report is placed on broad parameters such as top shareholders, financial ratio, industry outlook, growth prospects. Individuals should adopt a cautious approach to these stocks.

Medium to Long-term Focus

The companies under this category offers investment opportunities from a medium to long-term perspective, given the key strategic priorities, product portfolio, new product launches, etc.

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Are these stocks more speculative in nature?

The stocks under this category are high risky considering nil profitability track record and the analysis is based on business model and future growth prospects. Hence investors should carefullt evaluate such risks while investing.

What stocks are covered in this report?

Small-cap, micro and nano-cap categories and stocks with market capitalization as high as AUD 300mn with medium to long-term horizon.

What are the risks associated with this product?

Volatility in commodity prices, uncertainties arising from the extreme climate change, funding risk and delay in product launches are some of the associated risks.

Stocks Under 20 Cents Report

Stocks Under 20 Cents Report

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