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Kalkine’s main reports get published on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending upon the frequency of the product. Besides, we also provide daily updates on covered stocks for any company specific events such as results, trading updates, executive changes, M&A’s etc., We also cover stocks around potential opportunity areas, trending themes, and upcoming IPO’s etc. in our daily reports.

Our reports provides general insights on stocks across market capitalizations covering broad spectrum of industries. We provide exclusive coverage of stocks in our main reports with deep dives on company performance, strategy, outlook, risks, valuations, fundamental drivers, recommendations, and technical analysis covered as general insights for an investor. We also provide investor a flavour on sectors based on trending themes and macroeconomic updates in our sector report, and market events report identifying emerging opportunities.

Our in-house research at Kalkine is the core engine publishing data-driven tech-enabled reports for subscribers. Our disciplined approach, extensive fundamental research, and technical eye is backed by a team of rich experienced analysts with professional background holding qualified certifications from Master’s in Business Administration with specialization in Finance to Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA).

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