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Performance Methodology – US Portfolio

Below is a snippet of the methodology used for KALKINE Portfolio Performance Calculation
KALKINE US Portfolio Performance (Year-on-Year)

  • Kalkine’s Portfolios (Hypothetical) for year 2017 (period from 11 May 2017 to 31 Jan 2018), and years 2018-2021 (1st February – 31 January),  have been used for the calculations presented in section, ‘Kalkine Performance.’ Generally speaking, Kalkine US Portfolios for the three years represent hypothetical portfolios and these consist of US stocks that have been identified to be long-term value/ growth stocks. Some of the stocks are expected to be dividend-paying income stocks of future.

  • Our Portfolio is hypothetical and our performance figures are based on recommendations from Kalkine US Reports using stock prices at the date of publication.
  • It is also prudent to note that performance of stocks included in Kalkine US Portfolios (Hypothetical) has been calculated based on their current price values during the specific time periods in order to give ‘as-on-date’ performance picture.
  • Where a stock has been recommended multiple-times, the average price is taken into consideration. We might need to provide update on a stock several times during a year or for the length of coverage and for that reason the average BUY price is taken into consideration.
  • Performance figures quoted do not take into account transaction fees and charges. The profits or losses are hypothetical and include dividends or distribution for the length of the coverage until the recommendation is designated as closed.
  • The portfolio performance has been analysed against performance of RUSSELL 3000 Index used as the benchmark Index for comparison purposes. This takes into account the dividends paid during the years specified.
  • The performance has been verified by an independent accounting firm.
  • All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research into individual stocks recommended by Kalkine before making a purchase decision. In addition, investors are advised that past stock performance is no guarantee of future price appreciation.
  • We encourage you to think of investing as a long-term pursuit.
Note: For any benchmark index return, proportional dividend yields have been taken onto account as per the information available

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